Octopus Diving Club Rosenburg Germany February 2015

Simon Grimshaw, Bolton Area Divers e mail Simon Despite arriving on the eve of some of the worst sea conditions Durban has ever seen, we started the holiday with an unforgettable safari experience and sea conditions quickly improved during our 6 dives at Sodwana, where the professionalism of the dive operation was impressive. We were treated to some superb encounters with various large pelagics during our stay in Mozambique and the only thing that could top that was the tiger shark dive. Brian’s knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as the friendly characters we met throughout the trip, helped make this a most enjoyable and unforgettable experience - one that I shall most definitely repeat.

hi brian , i hope you are still ok . whats up in your business ?? is your family still ok too ? in my big list of travelling and diving around the world i never meet a guy like you . the most i like is that you do your job with your heart first and not like many others first for the money . thats the right way to do your business , believe in this and stay on this way . i am sure we meet us again . the best to your beautiful wife and i hope your son makes your business in your way for the future . i think its very easy for him if he do this like his father . . i remember many times the fantastic diving that you give us , it was an great experiance with you around durban and mosambique . i hope we meet us at the boatshow in jan . 2012 , and have another whiskey together at the bar ... bernd dexheimer germany e mail Bernd

John Hurst, Bolton Area Divers e mail John. UNMISSABLE- MUST COME AGAIN.Thanks for everything once again. It was far better than I could have hoped for, and all of that is down to you, you fat bastard. Keep up the good work!

John and Janet Harvey, Gillingham, Kent e mail John & Janet. Excellent trip, well organised and Brian very hospitable and knowledgeable guy. The whole trip was about showing what South Africa has to offer with an emphisis on having fun. All diving was carried out in a professional and relaxed manner with the emphisis on safety.

Stephane Harge See my underwater video including Tiger sharks, Blacktip sharks, Raggies plus Mantas and Blue Marlin.

Claude Handschin See my shark photos

Peter Hindley, 24 Miller Way Exminster, Devon E mail Pete Wonderful experience, would definitely come again.Some great diving with sharks. Whale shark sighting was wonderful- I spent at least 10 minutes swimming alongside it. Got to stroke a couple of Tiger sharks and a Blacktip shark-- You can't beat that !!

Paul Vivier See the photos of my Safari with Discovering Africa Safaris.

Dr Jean-Pierre, Isabelle and Helene RAPHALEN e mail BRIAN, bubbly, brilliant and buoyant. This trip of 13 days is indelibly marked with your stamp. How on earth do you organise, drive the bus, dive and accompany each and every new group? You are known by everybody even, I think, the fish! Our greatest memory is diving in open water with Tiger sharks accompanied by our 12 year old daughter. Jean Pierre and Helene (12 years) with Tiger Shark

Daniel Angst..E mail An alle Haifanatiker! Diese Tauchgänge mit Brian und seinen erfahrenen Leuten sind echt spitzenklasse. Wir tauchten bei Aliwal Shoal mit ca. 6 grossen Tigerhaien und ca. 20 Schwarzspitzenhaien welche uns während mehr als einer Stunde umkreisten. Ehrlich gesagt, hat man ein komisches Gefühl mit Tigerhaien ohne Käfig zu tauchen. Es sind grosse Haie, welche aber dank der guten und erfahrenen Fürung von Mark Addison (Haiforscher mit welchem Brian zusammen arbeitet) ohne grosse Gefahr betaucht werden können. Ein sagenhaftes Erlebnis.

Alle übrigen Tauchgänge sind ebenfalls lohnenswert, denn die Korallen sind schön und vor allem die Fauna (Grossfische) sind fast täglich anzutreffen. Wir sahen selbst einen Marlin unter Wasser, was man als sehr seltenes Ereigniss betrachten kann. Alle erfahrenen Taucher werden mir zustimmen.

Ebenfalls die Unterkünfte und das Essen waren immer super und exklusiv ausgewählt, so dass man sich während diesen 2 Wochen richtig verwöhnen lassen kann. Angesichts der Leistung, ist der Preis gerechtfertigt.

Bei Fragen könnt ihr mich gerne unter daniel_angst@gmx.ch kontaktieren.

Claude Handschin See the shark photos taken on my Safari with Discovering Africa

John Ruppli E mail Brian hat nicht zu viel versprochen, als er uns vom Haitauchen erzählte. Wir waren begeistert von den 5 Tigerhaien und den 2 Schwarzspitzenhaien (black tips), welche uns während einer Stunde umkreisten. Durch die professionelle Führung fühlten wir uns von Anfang an gut aufgehoben und sicher. Unsere anfänglichen Ängste waren im nu verschwunden, so dass wir die Haie sogar berührten. Wir können diese Tauchgänge allen wärmstens empfehlen. Für weitere Auskünfte kann man uns gerne via e-mail kontaktieren. blue_spheres@hotmail.com

Fred and Soizic Bouvard..E mail A Safari rich in wildlife and rich in emotion with a guide who is UNIQUE !!! A magnificent country explored with a passionate guide. A surprise around every corner and every day better than the last. Adrenalin at full throttle thanks to our friends the Tiger sharks....Brian: do not change ! It was brilliant, the diving, the places and your stories. Your obvious experience gave us real confidence. Photos of our Safari.

Muriel Gebhart..E mail I would encourage everyone to visit South Africa and Mozambique with Discovering Africa (Afrique Découverte)! Brian helped us explore the underwater delights of three different areas. Firstly Durban with it's Tiger sharks, Ragged Tooth sharks and underwater vistas so rich in the diversity of the 'end of Atlantique/begining of the Indian Ocean' location. Then Sodwana with it's white sand beaches, clear water, tropical fish and hearing continuous whale songs. Lastly it was Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, a haven of peace with it's shoals of fish, shark encounters and sailfish encounters in crystal clear waters... Coming back on land to visit the National Parks and seeing animals such as rhino, elephants, lions, buffalo, giraffe, hippopotamus and crocodiles under the watchful eye of Brian who seems just as at home under water as on the land..

In short, a fabulous trip with the main theme the Ocean and it's marine life but also the wild animals and also meeting the local friendly inhabitants. Brian knows every corner of 'his' country and it's people and transmitted to us his passion for both..I felt that I had travelled with a good friend who longed to show me his country!

I have one ambition now...to go back again ! Why don't we organise a group to go over there and benefit from Brian's group discounts. Anybody interested please contact me gebhart.muriel@wanadoo.fr and I will happily make the necassary arrangements for us all. Photos of my Safari

Annick ROUQUAROL..e mail.. A lovely organiser as much for his stories as anything else. Someone who deserves to be well known. Excellent organisation.

Guy TOUSSAINT..e mail..Superb trip Brian is extremely attentive. Bravo to the organiser.

Arnaud Duquesnoy E mail Thank you, Brian, for always being able to adapt to my requirements, for your assistance and advice. The Tiger sharks are engraved on my memory. You are a real 'Cordon Bleu'.

MALVEZIN Olivier..E mail An exceptional tour brought to life by an exceptionally enthusiastic guide. Remarkable dives that are etched in my memory. Extreeeeemely fantastic !!! Photos of my Safari

Carlo FABER and Claudine VERMEULEN ..e mail..Superb-a tour customised personally by the organiser. Keep it going in the same way.

Michelle Kemler E mail The quality of this Safari is dependant to a great extent dependant on the exceptional guide, Brian, who actually lives and breathes the things that he is helping us discover. This Safari is perfect for those who not only love diving but also discovering the country and it's varied inhabitants - Bravo-

Michel and Gabrielle ADAMINA E mail Brian is an exceptional person of many and varied talents who will show you the best of his Africa- both on land and in it's seas.

Fargerel Phillipe and Sandra Virgili....E mail....Thank you Brian for this Discovery of Africa above and below the water. Keep up your good humour and your 'love of life' and, above all, do not change a thing of your Safari !!!

Julien Grinsztajn...E mail...My impressions...My video... A shark feeding without a cage with 8 Tiger Sharks of between 3 and 4.50 metres swimming around us for over an hour !!

Bernard Cauchard...E mail...My impressions

Michel ROUQUAYROL..e mail..Excellent Safari, dived on great sites and discovered lots of sharks.

Sandrine Leveugle...E mail....Protea Banks -Brilliant! To see the 'Big Stuff' was exactly why I came to Africa. The Tiger Shark dive is my most amazing memory- incredible !

Jerome Bauer ...E Mail .... Impressions Aliwal Shoal......Impressions Ponta do Oura

Veronique Vonin...E mail....I have unforgettable memories of the dives during this trip !!

Veronique Morand....E mail.....My impressions

Thierry de Pina...E mail....Thanks again for a marvellous trip. I was entranced by it all.

Dorithee Ortigier...E mail...I have excellent memories of this trip and have already told all of my diving buddies to come visit you.

Stéphane and Coralie Letellier...E mail...

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