Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Welcome to the tropical Mozambican paradise which is Ponta do Ouro.

At Ponta do Ouro, life slows down to 'Island style' relax and enjoy. As well as it's outstanding beauty above and below water, Ponta is renown for the quality of it's seafood. Here the pleasures of the table are considered equally important as the quality of the reef.

Mozambique suffered under a state of war from the early 1970s until well into the 1990s, first against the Portuguese colonialists and then during a civil war. This meant that the area was never dived and has not suffered the damage done to more established dive sites throughout the world. New reefs are, in fact, being found regularly.

You will find here a treasurehouse of coral and marine life. Manta Rays are common, some up to 1,350 kgs yet eating mainly plancton as they' loop the loop' just below the surface to take best advantage of clouds of these minute animals.

Between October and May, Pinnacles Reef at Ponta offers the best shark diving in the world bar none.


The reef is far from land offering normally excellent visibility with little or no current. The deep sea Pinnacle is a natural attraction for Gamefish and the sharks come to hunt the Gamefish so there is no need to 'chum' or 'bait' the water meaning we do not need to dive in a cage as the sharks are not stimulated to act in an unnatural way. This is a unique opportunity to view big sharks in their own environment acting completely normally.

Zambezi or Bull Sharks   are often seen in impressive numbers. Whereas Great White, Tiger and most other sharks studiously avoid scuba divers, the Zambezi often comes in for a closer look. Their favorite party trick is to swim directly at a diver only veering off maybe a metre from the diver. Diving with any shark is a thrill but after a close Zambie dive, anything else is second best.

Tiger Sharks  Without 'chumming', it is virtually impossible to get really close to a Tiger. They are immensely powerful and impressive creatures but normally swim into and out of vision fairly quickly and at some distance. They are not present in the large numbers that we see of Zambies but they are there. Keep scanning around, particularly in mid water and you can tick him off in your 'must see' list !!

Great White Shark  The east coast of Southern Africa has one of the world's largest concentrations of Great Whites but we rarely see them. Very occaisionally, they are seen at Pinnacles and at Protea Banks but, contrary to popular conception, they show no interest at all in divers.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Pinnacles seems to be on a migration route for Hammerheads. We often see masses of huge (3.5 metre +) Scalloped Hammerheads passing at barely 5 metres depth. They show no interest in feeding and, if anything, are reminiscent of the Blue Wildebeest (Gnu) migrations in East Africa.

Copper or Bronze Whaler Sharks An impressive shark who tends not to come very close but does often show threat behaviour - the 'S' shaped body twisting so favored by Discovery Channel et al. 

Blacktip Reef sharks, Blackspot Sharks, Leopard Sharks on the sand are also seen fairly regularly. Deep sea sharks such as Oceanic Whitetip and Mako are seen but on rare occaisions.

Manta Rays  Mantas are often seen. Not the large numbers of smaller Mantas that we see at Aliwal but individual sometimes very large specimens.

Eagle Rays are also often seen but they are timid and require a calm, gentle approach.

A rare sighting but Marlin can be seen:-

Stephane Harge's Marlin video at Pinnacles


The variety of fish and molluscs at Ponta is limitless. Our four days diving here will leave you hungry for more. The tranquility and underwater paradise which is Ponta do Oura will draw you back here again and again.